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Know Thyself - The Workshop

This workshop in beautiful Southern Vermont teaches you the practical skills to:

  1. Learn to meditate simply and easily
  2. Awaken your senses
  3. Balance your emotions without judging yourself
  4. Cultivate awareness
  5. Observe your authentic self

Raise your consciousness to answer the big questions: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Is My Purpose? Your thoughts create your reality. Learn to choose your thoughts. By becoming self-aware you choose your own path to peace, serenity and happiness. Receive the training you need to be awake in each moment. Engage in this special journey of self- discovery and learn to love what you find.

Tapping Workshop

What is Tapping?
Tapping, also called EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique, is an easy to learn approach to solving emotional issues
Tapping combines Acupressure with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Modern Psychology
Tapping is an easy system to learn. It is used to break through emotional issues that leave you feeling stuck. By accessing the unconscious mind and facing our emotions head-on, past traumas and negative thought patterns begin to dissolve and restore a sense of ease and well-being to our emotional health
Some Emotions that Tapping/EFT can be used for:

Grudge HoldingResentment
Post-Traumatic StressSelf-Acceptance
Physical PainEmotional Pain

Join us and learn to tap your way to emotional freedom!