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Reiki Session

Susan Working

Reiki is a system of "laying on of hands" that has the effect of energizing the cells of the body. It is based on the hands-on healing model that Jesus taught. Typically, the patient lies in a relaxed position while the Reiki practitioner places both hands in a systematic pattern and becomes a conduit for Universal forces that create a healing environment. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and fosters a feeling of well-being. It is both subtle and profound and miraculous results can often be experienced. Reiki can be very effective for long-distance healing as the life-force used during treatment is not hindered by distance.

Susan studied Reiki from the Master John Harvey Gray over 20 years ago. She was always eager to learn some new technique but was skeptical as to its effectiveness until she had some experience of success. After her training, the first convincing event happened when she was asked to visit the beloved relative of a friend who had been in a coma for some time in the ICU of the local hospital. While there, Susan used Reiki on the man in an attempt to make him more comfortable. He was not expected to live through the day and had breathing tubes down his throat and monitors beeping and buzzing everywhere. Even Susan was shocked when after a few hours he began to move and become restless in any area where her hands were placed. Before long, the gentleman began to open his eyes and "came to". He wanted to talk and drink some water. Even the doctors were surprised when breathing tubes were able to be removed and by the time she left for the evening he was sitting up in bed laughing and talking and wondering why so many family members were gathered around. He had no idea he had been so close to dying.

The second convincing incident happened when she was asked if she could do something to relieve the suffering of a toddler who had been feverish and in agony with a severe earache for over 3 days. Antibiotics had not helped and the child's mother was desperate. Susan took the sick child into her lap and placed her hands over his ears and noticed that he immediately became calm after having been quite agitated and crying. He settled down and soon fell asleep in her arms. She administered Reiki to him in this way for the next 90-minutes and at the end of that time the child's fever had broken and when he woke up she removed her hands and could see a stream of hot wax dripping out of each ear and running down his cheeks. Before long he was on the floor playing happily as if he had never been suffering.

60-minute Reiki Session is $50/in office
Long-distance session/$50