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Quantum Healing

By accessing the energy of a person in the Quantum Field where mind meets soul and is not limited by the bounds of time and space, Quantum Healing Sessions are conducted using the principles of quantum mechanics as applied to the BodyMind by working at the holographic level. Quantum Healings are intuitive and unique to the individual as Susan quiets her mind and contemplates the person's energetic needs.

Treatment is inspired in visions that often include light, color and sound. Quantum Healings can be quite effective done from a distance and Susan has had success using her Quantum Healing Sessions on her patients when they are out of town and also on their loved ones who live at a distance or are suffering in hospitals or nursing facilities.

Quantum Healing Sessions can be done in office and require 60-minutes of time.
The cost of treatment is $75.00

A Long-Distance Quantum Healing Session requires 2 photos of the person needing healing. One full-body photo, clothed. And one photo where the eyes are visible and easy to see. A brief description of the concerns of the person receiving treatment is needed.

Long-Distance Quantum Healing Sessions require a scheduled appointment time of 30 minutes.
Cost of long-distance treatment: $50