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(Emotional Freedom Technique)

Tapping/EFT is a very dynamic protocol that treats the emotions. It combines ancient acupressure with modern neuro-linguistic programming and is especially helpful for post-traumatic stress or emotional issues that have not been resolved using other psychotherapy models as it cuts through to the unconscious mind where long-standing emotional trauma may reside.

Tapping sessions with Susan McNulty can be done in her office setting, over the phone, and also long-distance using Skype. Sessions consist of talking about the issue at hand and then the tapping session is done sitting in a comfortable chair. Susan teaches her client the protocol to continue to use at home. A series of treatments is often recommended, but even one session of tapping can provide dramatic shifts in previously stuck patterns of thought.

Grudge HoldingResentment
Post-Traumatic StressSelf-Acceptance
Physical PainEmotional Pain

Tapping/EFT Sessions are usually 60 minutes in length
The cost is $50 per session