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Acupuncture is a form of energy medicine that has been practiced for over 5,000 years. It is used to provoke the body's ability to heal itself. By tapping into energy pathways, the acupuncturist can move and manipulate the energy which nourishes the organs, blood flow, immune response, relaxation response, healing response. It helps the body to find it's balance and to restore energy that has been lost or to calm down bodily functions that have become hyperactive. Acupuncture assists the body in finding its homeostasis, it's own innate wisdom to heal from within.

Acupuncture sessions with Susan McNulty begin with talking. She asks her patients about their lives, their relationships, their successes and their frustrations, worries and fears. She wants to know about physical limitations and discomforts and also about emotional issues and spiritual dilemmas. All of these factors determine levels of health and wellness.

During treatment the patient is treated with tenderness in a calming environment, usually laying down and comfortably clothed. Patients tend to fall asleep during treatment as they are left to rest. A feeling of calm and well-being is often reported along with improvements in pain levels and mobility.

Generally, a series of treatments is required for chronic ailments and often a treatment or two is all that is needed for more recent injuries or ailments. Here is a partial list of conditions that acupuncture may help:

BronchitisCarpal Tunnel
ConstipationJoin Pain
HypertensionBack Pain
Anxiety DisordersInsomnia
DepressionGastric reflux
HeadachesIrritable Bowel/Colitis

Acupuncture treatments usually require between 60 and 75 minutes
Treatment Cost: $50/In Office
$100/House Call